Discover why so many people have chosen Adina as their professional organizer. 

Adina has brought such order and peace to our home! She interviewed my wife and me to determine which style of organization would fit our family best. 
Adina created an easy-to-follow and clear organizational system for each room. My wife who struggled with the organization is now excited about keeping our home organized. This was a great investment for our family! Adina is a pleasure to work with!

Zakhar Keselman

Adina at Master My Space is fabulous! She and her crew are knowledgeable, efficient, and amazing at what they do. They transformed my area from the cluttered mess it was into a clean, spacious, and super functional area! Highly, highly recommend!!


I am so happy with Adina's services. My house is truly the most functional has ever been, and it truly is a pleasure to live in my house now with all the systems Adina put in place. Adina was very respectful of my time, space, and money. She made sure I was on board every step of the way.

I will definitely use Adina in the future. I’m so happy I made the decision to use her in the first place.

Chelsea Kornmehl

It was such a pleasure working with Adina. She helped me when I was moving into my new house, and set up my entire kitchen and pantry.

I didn’t want to do any thinking, and Adina is very knowledgeable about products at all price points. She left that first meeting with a list of storage containers to make my new space function. Once everything came in, she returned with her team and set everything up!

Happy to report that 3 months later things still pretty much look the same, and everyone in my family is able to find what they need. Highly recommend getting organized with Adina!

Stefani Shoag

Adina is so much fun to work with, because of her contagious love of organizing and infectious positive attitude!

Adina created such an amazing flow in my kitchen, and thought of solutions I never would have thought of myself. As my kitchen fell into place, I started feeling lighter. I just love my kitchen now! I can't wait to start cooking!

Elisheva Berkovich

Adina was amazing to work with. Her patience, fun loving personality, being so detail oriented, and making sure the job was done so responsibly, made it so easy and enjoyable to work with her.

Thank you Adina. I definitely recommend others to use Master My Space!

Tzippy Raiz

Adina is an amazing organizer and so professional! I can’t believe how well she transformed our mud room into a functional, beautiful mud room with places for everything!

It was really nice to work together with Adina!

T. Alon

Using Master My Space was a complete game changer! Not only do things Looks amazing, the functionality is over the top.

The three ladies who came over were adorable and lovely to have in my house. Ultimately, they listened to the vision I had, and helped me combine that with their expertise.

Shoshana Socher

Adina organized my kitchen a year ago, but her systems are still in place. They make my life so much more organized.

She was so helpful and great to work with.

Miriam Krupenia

My playroom was a serious disaster. My kids didn't even want to play in there, and we couldn't find anything!

Adina came in and organized everything in perfect order. Weeks later it's still clean and organized! Highly recommend her.

Zelda Nakdimen

My living area was transformed into a calm, tranquil place. A new space was made for creating flow -- for mail and other tasks to more easily get done.

Adina also totally understood and respected my needs.

Wonderful experience. Highly recommend.

Sharon Kiner

Adina is a master. She came into our cluttered kitchen, and turned it into a well-oiled machine.

Plus, afterwards, she was always available to answer all our questions.

A real professional who really knows what she's doing. We love her!

David Rotshtein

Highly recommend this incredible service. It is life changing.

Adina works with your personality to make the organization work for your reality. This was a very worthwhile investment.

Miriam Koval

I really encourage everyone that wants to have an organized home to call Master My Space, and enjoy an amazing service with a beautiful well organized house.

You have no idea how much it’s going to change your life, it’s a game changer.

They put in so much and think about every little thing -- trying to use your space in the smartest and most effective way. They gave me so many great ideas I would never have thought of by myself. 

Tiri Dencinger

Adina has the perfect balance of professional and friendly. She took away the stress of a disorganized kitchen, and replaced it with strategies that work for us!

Bassi Bander

Adina can make the most overwhelming mess a cinch to tackle with her superb organizational skills and professional insight. I highly recommended her!

Esther B.Y.

Adina, is a master of masters when it comes to organization. Some of the original methods that other professional organizers use are her ideas.

Shlomo Levitin

I love the kitchen ideas! We are actually buying new drawers for our kitchen, and I will use the suggestions. Thank you Adina!

Masha Bonan

Thank you so much for an amazing job. It makes cooking so much easier and fun.

It’s so much more organized now thanks to you. Thank you so much!

Rivka Cohen

Featured Review

I reached out to Adina out of desperation.

My kitchen is the most frequently used room in our home. We don’t have one central pantry, so it felt like there was no order whatsoever. I couldn’t figure out how to organize it.

Our kitchen is our happy place – it was very important that everyone in our house understood the functions of organization.

Skeptical of the cost, I hesitated for a minute. Knowing that this would change our lives and keep harmony in our house; we pulled the plug, and hired Adina.

She used her methods to figure out the system that would work for everyone in our house. She customized it to our personality types based on a quiz she gave us. She actually opened up our eyes to why certain things work for us, and certain things don’t.

She made systems and spaces that made sense and were easy to follow.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. I was afraid this investment would be for nothing. I was afraid it would fall apart as quickly as it was put together.

But now, after over a year -- we are still going strong. Even when things get out of place – we know that everything has a place. We feel empowered that we can follow her system and get organized again.

Adina gave us a gift of functionality.
A gift of calm.
A gift of communication.

A gift of letting us see what organization looks like, so that when things get out of order – we have the tools and know-how to put it back together.

If you are feeling lost in your space, especially if it’s your safe place, I highly recommend hiring Adina. It is an investment in yourself and everyone in your house!

Leora Solowitch