(Virtual 75 Minute Session)

Get empowered to organize with your unique organization personality


Maybe you've tried to get organized before. Or hired other organizers. You may even feel defeated at this point.

Well here's a little secret. 
The key to staying organized is when you understand the root causes of clutter. It's a thorough mindset shift, not just a one-time fix. 

Jam-packed with "aha!" moments, the Power Session changes the way you see yourself, your stuff, and even your spouse.

    Get surprising insights into your relationships and have lightbulb moments about systems that work for you. 

    Learn The 5 Root Causes of Chaos™️ and the mindset shifts that banish it — for the long term.

    Discover empowering strategies for your unique organization personality.


What will you do in your Power Session?

Step 1- Take a quiz

Our proprietary Master My Personality quiz is quick and simple. We use results to identify your "organizing blockages" and get to the root causes of clutter. This is where lightbulb moments happen and so many things begin to click into place. 
● Finally, understand the differences between you and your spouse. 
● "Get" why all those other organizing systems didn’t work for you.
● Change the way you think about organization and start planning systems that actually work for YOU.


Step 2- Banish chaos

Learn the 5 Root Causes of Clutter™️ to keep CHAOS at bay. 
● Learn behavior patterns that help you maintain your organization systems (no matter your personality type).
● Gain tools to become proactive about organization and create a life where clutter is prevented. 
● Learn about thought processes, habits, and the ongoing mindset shifts that empower you to master your space. 

Here's what clients say after their Power Session

Adina’s calm, energetic and upbeat personality puts you immediately at ease. Adina’s work-style is not one size fits all. Using her unique organizing personality assessment and intuition (perfectionists included), she customizes her consultation to target the needs of each individual client. Her approach is systematic and produces results that last. She asks good questions to guide the organizing process, and helps you to think through what will work for you in the long term.
Adina’s creativity and passion for helping her clients is awesome and makes the process most enjoyable.
I love the way she helped me organize my kitchen and laundry room spaces, so there’s a flow and it’s easy to upkeep. These days every time I open a kitchen drawer, instead of groaning and trying to find that lost utensil, everything is easily visible and within reach - clutter be gone.
No matter what your style - Adina can make your organizing dreams come true! She is truly a gift! Can’t wait to tackle more home spaces with her. I highly recommend Adina.

Rivka Dahan

Working with Adina was such a game changer for me. I loved that she took the time to understand what style of organizing I needed and what would work best for me in the short and long-term.
My office used to cause me such stress, because not everything had a "home." The clutter and files would get out of hand. We cleared out a ton of old outdated files and categorized everything in a straight forward, simple system.
It's so much easier to keep my desk and office more organized now, and I am freed up to put my emotional energy elsewhere. I highly recommend her services, and will definitely bring her back in the future to organize other areas of my home.

Basya Labinsky

You can get an experience like that too.