When your home is beautiful but doesn't work beautifully.

When it takes too long to find the soup ladle— even though you have a million-and-one kitchen drawers. 
When you buy bins and more bins — but they just seem to add to the clutter.
When you binge-watch The Home Edit — and you're left with nothing but a mountain of stuff you can't bring yourself to part with.

You need something better.

That's why we created Master My Space.


Hi! I'm Adina.

I'm a person like you.With struggles like yours.Here's my story.

I always thought I was a naturally organized person — until I got a house.

I worked hard outside the home, did a lot of entertaining on weekends — and discovered that I couldn’t keep house. Worst of all, I couldn't understand why I was so disorganized. I started researching methods of organization — obsessively. I lived and breathed everything "organization," determined to find my cure. 


The day I told my husband I'd declutter the house was the day our house burned down.

We'd gone out to a dinner on Saturday night, and within 20 minutes our home was consumed by flames. We came home to a 3-alarm fire. My husband turned to me and said, “Next time you want to declutter the house, make sure I raise the insurance policy first.”

After the fire, starting over from scratch, I resolved to do it RIGHT this time.

I realized I'd been grabbing tips from here and there and trying out every trending hack, but totally ignoring my own organization personality type. So I decided I'd tune in to my personality, instead of my possessions. For the first time in my life, I started to work on systems that would actually keep chaos at bay while keeping me happy. I began to understand how clutter accumulates and developed a unique approach to .The 5 Root Causes of Clutter™️


The rest, as they say, is history (and herstory).

I became passionate about the idea that people need to organize according to their own psychology. I started telling people that they don’t have to “just accept that they’re a mess.” If something is not working, it's simply because your systems are not aligned with who you are. Since launching my career as an organizer, I've helped more than 200 clients find the right strategies for their personalities. And I've built a team to help me reach and teach even more people.

Breakthrough moments happen when you have an empowering, compassionate coach to help with your purge.


We believe there's a story behind every item. And we're not here to judge.

Whatever you're keeping — there's a reason for it. We're not the judges of what you should or shouldn't hold onto. Instead, we serve as a powerful guide so you can make decisions about what to keep and what to store. You will liberate your space and yourself at the same time.